The late Ian Dury gave us his reasons to be cheerful and, in a week, when it is increasingly hard to have a light attitude to world news, I thought I would force myself into thinking about some positive things:

  1. The weather in Belgium has been great! – Lovely sunny days with a delicately pleasant breeze
  2. The delegates on my Managing Change course were fun and inspirational
  3. I got the grass cut and the garden furniture put away into the shed
  4. I am re-motivated to get started on the follow up to ‘Transition’
  5. I have started planning next summer’s big adventure
  6. My listening room is set up for long winter hours of listening to wonderful music
  7. My roof does not leak and my car drives
  8. Most of the people I interact with are happy and positive
  9. I am catching up with my backlog of work
  10. There’s always BBC radio 4, podcasts, red wine, family and friends!

Keep positive, don’t let things you have little influence over, get you down,

Have a good week