There’s a big ship leaving harbour, as she sails out into the sunset, sea birds follow in her wake, ducking and diving behind her.

When I look back on my life so far, I think of the things I have done, the things I have said or written and indeed, the things I should have said and written. I think of situations, moments in time, scattered along my life, like ports of harbour along the way.  But rarely do I reflect on the wake I made and the effect it must have had on others.

I believe each of us are, at times, like big ships passing sailboats and dinghies, tossing and turning them in and out of the water, causing (for good or worse) changes in direction on the course of others.

And sometimes, just sometimes, two or more ships align themselves and their combined wakes merge to form great swells of achievement in place of chaos and diversion. And what fascinates me is how the actions of one person can impact another, sometimes far away and unknown, inspiring them to say or do something that makes a difference. Good things come from bad and bad from good. We do not weave webs but stir up wakes, wakes in the ocean of life.

Have a good week,


Thanks to my good friend Jerry for the inspiration for this blog.