Life is like a joke

Life is like a joke

Let me begin by telling you a joke.

A man goes to the vet and says “doctor, doctor my dog has no nose.”

“How does he smell?”


(Sorry about that but stick with me on this). 

Life is like a joke because:

  1. It attracts our attention

‘A man goes to the vet.’

We feel sympathy for the man, obviously something is wrong.

  1. It introduces us to new and surprising things:

“the dog has no nose.”

Just like the vet, we want to know more

“How does he smell?”

This is a perfectly good and rational question, just what we expect from a vet.

  1. It sends us in unexpected directions!


We expect the owner to say ‘he can’t’, or at least something like that.

It’s the unpredictable nature of the answer that makes us laugh, not the condition of the dog, (although we all know how bad a dog can smell) :-)!

I am not terribly good at telling jokes, I am even worse at remembering them. However, I do enjoy listening to them. Even though I am aware of the science, I am still able to open up the vulnerable part of my nature to appreciate the folly of mankind.

In these days with despots in power and living proof that our planet is doing what the scientists said it would (ie warming up), a sense of humour is required while trying to work out a sustainable solution. One has to start somewhere, and what better place than a joke on us?

If God exists, I think she must be laughing at us right now, or perhaps she is crying with laughter?

Have a good week


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