July 1, in Belgium heralds the beginning of the great summer exodus. Loaded cars with expectant passengers emerge from garages at unearthly hours; making their way to the network of motorways and their holiday destinations. Most in search of sun, but by no means all.

And for those of us left behind, a welcome calm settles over the land. Even rush hour roads are pleasantly quiet, destinations reached in reasonable time. Shops seem too big for purpose, their windows cluttered with discount sales stickers crying out to almost empty streets.  How wonderful!  Only the ice cream vendors and street-side cafe’s with sun facing terraces are busy it seems.

More space makes for a welcome calmness. In offices too, vending machines wait for thirsty people. These are the days of cancelled departmental meetings, where one finally has time think. To re-group one’s mind, to clear the cache of panic thoughts and actions and to build new strategies, examine in-efficiencies and find new ways of doing things more effectively. Bliss.

Enjoy it, come September all our neighbours will have returned, browned and broke, ready to get back to the rat race and to re-filling their agendas and bank accounts.

Have a good week