With the World Cup well under way, it is fascinating to witness participating nations getting behind ‘their’ teams.  In seems that in victory and defeat there is a common understanding and appreciation that goes deep into our psyche.

However, this allegiance and loyalty only works when there is a clearly defined competition, one team against another.  Wouldn’t it be great if, in our organizations, a similar allegiance could be achieved for a project team delivering internal projects? Just imagine how effective and powerful the team could be.

It is the role of the Change Manager to try and ensure that allegiance and support surrounds the project team, but far too many important projects do not even have a change manager, or even someone trying to carry out the tasks of one.

In our Change Management course, we repeat time and time again that the Project Manager cannot be the Change Manager at the same time; it’s like trying to be outside entertaining guests while preparing food in the kitchen food at a BBQ. Try to do both and you will fail at both.

But back to football and the World Cup, I am sure there are lessons to be learned from observation: how readily shops and companies brand giveaways to show their allegiance to a team, now couldn’t we try and motivate the department heads of our organizations to do the same for their internal project teams? Just a thought.

Have a good week and World Cup,