A few weeks ago, I invited a number of business leaders to share their biggest light bulb moments; the moments in their lives when they made their biggest discoveries or experienced their ‘eureka’ moments of sudden understanding.  Their stories were as inspiring as they were varied and really helped cement together the essence of intellectual leadership in the day to day work place.

However, there was one moment with the group that I would like to share with you.  It was late in the second day and one of the delegates was telling his story. He was a little embarrassed that his light bulb moment was not as dramatic as some of the others.

“For me, my light bulb moment was just as much the discovery of a brilliant solution as it was the sudden revelation of my own personal stupidity” he said.  I found myself identifying with him because indeed in my glorious eureka moments often comes the realisation of just how much time I had spent in going in totally the wrong direction up until then.

Personally, if I had time, I would like to compile a book of light bulb moments because some of them were so universal in their message that I found them booth inspiring and endearing, all at the same time.

Have a good week