There are so many times in our lives when we have to dash somewhere only to hang around seemingly for hours waiting afterwards. Be it in a doctor’s surgery, an important meeting, concert or worst of all in an airport, the contrast and the futility can make us feel relieved and yet annoyed at the same time.  And so it is that much of working lives is a combination of the two with the correct pace (that of our heart beat at rest) only seeming to come to us once in a rare while. Or am I the only one?

As I sit here writing my blog after an absence due to self-inflicted, stupidly busy timelines (and me having told everyone that I am taking it slower) I find myself listening to one of Mozart’s most beautiful piano concertos (Nr. 16 in D major).  It is the perfect example of hurry and wait, it is so deliciously poised between sublime tranquility and the necessary contrasting crescendos that are never over powering but rejoiceful. In one instant you find yourself hurried and in another deep in the most delicious lyricism, one can only melt into its beauty.  Great stuff. And when the second movement comes, all sense of being in a hurry is finally gone. I wonder why he wrote the third movement?  It is perfect but sometimes I wish he hadn’t.

Have a good week