Even though I am a ‘glass half full’ kind of person, there are still times when I find myself slipping into negativity. Times when things just seem to get too much.  When my big ‘why’ is lost, I find myself needing to surround myself with positive people, especially those I respect and trust.

Very few of us are immune to losing our self-confidence, even if only temporarily.  Remembering that even in the darkest hours, just what it is that has pulled us back up from dips in the past, can be the golden key to making the difference again. More often than not, a good dose of laughter or walk in the sunshine is often all I need.

Recently, a once dear colleague passed away.  Looking back at the part of his life I had the privilege to share with him, reminded me that he was the one in our group who had the biggest smile, the biggest heart and the most joyous of personalities.  On Saturday, many of his ex-colleagues will be gathering together with his family and friends at a memorial service.  I hope that somehow, we can lift each other’s hearts in the way that he did for us so many times when we needed it.

Have a good week