While this week Astronomers from Arizona State University have discovered a signal from the very first stars to appear in the universe, just a blink at 180M years after the big bang, I found myself coincidentally looking back to the beginning of my solo career as a freelance in Belgium.  What drove me to taking the leap? What were the circumstances surrounding the ‘big decision’?  And then I realised that I was not going back far enough, for it is not circumstances at the time of the decision that give me the information I needed to move forward but the chain of events that led up to it.

And so it is with starting any new venture, any major change in one’s life. It is not in the now moment we should look for the why, what and the how but to the events before it. To give a simple analogy; if your house bursts into flames the obvious thing to do is to get your family and pets out of it as safely and as fast as possible.  However, the real value comes later in diagnosing all the symptoms that led to the fire breaking out in the first place.

Sometimes I worry that we live too much in the now moment when going through decision making processes. Once you know where you are and where you are headed and can clearly articulate it to others, then simply making the most of each day you have, is an exemplary way to live.

Have a good week,