I was a bit shocked yesterday to read the news that scientists have discovered a previously undetected human organ (apparently to be called the interstitium) just under the skin. It seems incredible that it wasn’t known before? Upon reading a number of articles this morning and speaking with a knowledgeable person on the topic, it appears that this revolutionary new discovery is not so new after all. (Although it does already have its own Instertitium/Wikkipedia page).

I like discovering new knowledge, in fact my brain is constantly on the lookout for it.  But more often than not, when I sit back and reflect onnewly discovered findings, they can appear to be merely a subtle re-positioning or re-phrasing of something commonly understood long before.

In business, from Adam Smith’s Pin Factory production improvements to Henry Gantt’s scheduling techniques, our progression is incremental rather than revolutionary. Only time will tell which of our thought leaders today will become the Gantt’s or Taylor’s of history. But none the less, all these so called ‘new discoveries’ do inspire the vital task of making us step back and re-examine our current ways of thinking and force the question; can the way we do things be improved because of them?

Have a good week