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Another new discovery?

I was a bit shocked yesterday to read the news that scientists have discovered a previously undetected human organ (apparently to be called the interstitium) just under the skin. It seems incredible that it wasn’t known before? Upon reading a number of articles this morning and speaking with a knowledgeable person on the topic, it appears that this revolutionary new discovery is not so new after all. (Although it does already have its own Instertitium/Wikkipedia page). I like discovering new knowledge, in fact my brain is constantly on the lookout for it.  But more often than not, when I sit [...]

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I know how you feel

Maybe you have heard about this already but recently I came across a very rare but fascinating human condition called ‘Mirror-touch synesthesia.’ It is commonly known that people with extremely high levels of Emmotional Intelligence (EQ) are sensitive to other people’s moods and feelings but people with Mirror-touch Synesthesia experience this on a completely other level, they actually feel the sensations of others. Imagine you are in a meeting, observing someone across the table, and you notice them touching their right cheek with their fingers. If you had Mirror-touch Synesthesia, you would feel the touch of fingers on your left [...]

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It’s all in your head

Yesterday the world lost a great theoretical physicist. It also lost a truly great communicator. Someone who could get people interested in highly complex, scientific topics by making them relevant and accessible.  He never made you feel that you were being ‘dumbed down to’, even though you knew you were. Stephen Hawking once said ‘theoretical physics is one of the few areas in which disability is not a serious handicap because it’s all in the head.’  It is this concept of 'all in the head' that I want to explore this week. I was once asked by a business leader [...]

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Staying Positive!

Even though I am a ‘glass half full’ kind of person, there are still times when I find myself slipping into negativity. Times when things just seem to get too much.  When my big ‘why’ is lost, I find myself needing to surround myself with positive people, especially those I respect and trust. Very few of us are immune to losing our self-confidence, even if only temporarily.  Remembering that even in the darkest hours, just what it is that has pulled us back up from dips in the past, can be the golden key to making the difference again. More [...]

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Back in time

While this week Astronomers from Arizona State University have discovered a signal from the very first stars to appear in the universe, just a blink at 180M years after the big bang, I found myself coincidentally looking back to the beginning of my solo career as a freelance in Belgium.  What drove me to taking the leap? What were the circumstances surrounding the ‘big decision’?  And then I realised that I was not going back far enough, for it is not circumstances at the time of the decision that give me the information I needed to move forward but the [...]

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