In these past few days, the things that I have been working on for a long time now have slowly begun to come together. It’s as if their progress has been in sync with the blooming of the Amaryllis bulbs I gave my mother for Christmas.  The realisation of a project, like the flowering of a plant can bring such joy. And now that the days are getting longer there is even evidence, in this rain-soaked country, that Spring is not so far away.

Yesterday, I worked with a team in Germany that were going through some serious changes in their company. When we went through all the challenges facing them, we could have been forgiven for thinking that everything was hopeless. But when we moved onto exploring all the benefits that the changes could bring and all the opportunities too, our mood lifted, and we began to feel that the mountain in front of us was, at the very least, worth trying to climb.

Happiness comes from a place so deep that not everyone can tap into it easily. But it also comes from sources all around us.  Sometimes I think of happiness a bit like two attracting magnets; one deep inside and the others outside. When our inner magnets attract with others, smiles magically appear and positive energy is produced. When our magnets repel or are not aligned, then emptiness and even negativity ensues.

So, my wish for you this week is that your inner magnets are turned outwards, attracting the positive energy that surrounds you. And when you detect someone who could do with a little lift, hopefully you will have enough positive energy left over to share with them too.

Have a good week