You might like your company, you might be loyal to your company, you might even love your company but in this blog I want to demonstrate that the companies we work for do not exist.

Let me take you back to the beginning.  Once upon a time the founders of your company must have sat together and talked about an idea they have. Sometime later, they will have put down on paper a description of what the company’s purpose will be, what it will be called and how it will function. Once they had formulated it the way they wanted, they will have signed each page in front of a local ‘official’ who most likely, will have sealed it with an elaborate rubber stamp, coated with ink. And in that moment, as if by magic, their imaginary company would have become ‘real’.

After all, what is a company?  Even the organisation chart is only a visual rendition of how the imaginary structure looked like at a given point in time. Company buildings, company cars, company assets all apparently belong to the pieces of paper sealed with their rubber stamp.

When we are facing difficult situations, it is to the people of our companies or tribes we must turn.  After all, in the beginning, it was we who chose to join them and they who chose to welcome us?  At best, all our companies can ever be is a group of people in pursuit of a common purpose.

It is not my intention to depress or demotivate you by writing this blog but to go to the very foundation of what is important for us as human beings; food, refreshment, companionship and a sense of purpose. By understanding that companies are in fact elaborate illusions, we can return to the real essence of who we are and what we do and why we do it.

Have a good week