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Articulate young adults

Yesterday in Tallahassee several young adults voiced their opinions over the recent mass shootings in the US.  I listened in live on the BBC World service. What surprised me most was the breadth and depth of their arguments. Emotionally charged, as one would expect from people who have just seen several of their classmates gunned down, but eloquent; concise and challenging all the arguments that their opponents might fire at them.  It was a masterclass in anticipation of contrary arguments and winning them, not just emotionally but on the interpretation of the law and scientifically too However, as any experienced [...]

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I am so happy right now!

In these past few days, the things that I have been working on for a long time now have slowly begun to come together. It’s as if their progress has been in sync with the blooming of the Amaryllis bulbs I gave my mother for Christmas.  The realisation of a project, like the flowering of a plant can bring such joy. And now that the days are getting longer there is even evidence, in this rain-soaked country, that Spring is not so far away. Yesterday, I worked with a team in Germany that were going through some serious changes in [...]

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Do you believe in your company?

You might like your company, you might be loyal to your company, you might even love your company but in this blog I want to demonstrate that the companies we work for do not exist. Let me take you back to the beginning.  Once upon a time the founders of your company must have sat together and talked about an idea they have. Sometime later, they will have put down on paper a description of what the company’s purpose will be, what it will be called and how it will function. Once they had formulated it the way they wanted, [...]

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