No one seems to act surprised when they hear that one of the best tennis players of all time admits that he has a coach and not just one but several!  Most top professional tennis players have strategy coaches, psychological coaches, forehand and backhand coaches, you name it they’ll have a whole entourage of experts and personal advisors to get them to the very top of their game and to keep them there. So why don’t we?

It is not unusual for people on my trainings (even very experienced leaders) to say to me “why didn’t anyone tell me before, it’s so obvious now I come to see it?” when I point out a basic error or demonstrate a new technique.

It seems strange to me that people should feel embarrassed or even ashamed to ask for some advice or help.  And yet, I know for sure that successful business leaders get to the top not simply by being naturally brilliant but by feeding their overarching desire to be the best with professional advice and coaching. Many, if not all, have trusted mentors and advisers for a variety of topics, usually including people management and evaluation, financial strategy, corporate and personal tax, market knowledge, leadership strategy and personal career and psychological coaching.

It’s not that we need these things all the time, only once in a while and even then, probably only for an hour or so.  Just enough to keep us on track.

With the expectancy of us to be ever switched on and ever faster, perhaps it’s time to face up to the fact that getting professional advice and support from those qualified to give it, could be a good investment and the new normal?

Have a good week,