I am not turning into Mystic Meg but I do believe that some of the things that we might think of as new like, ‘leaving our comfort zone’ are just modern ways of expressing aspects of our lives that have been around since the beginning of time. Take for example ‘The Fool’ from the Tarot, which dates back to the early 15th. century. The card depicts an extremely powerful image of periods of our lives that all of us have to go through.

Today my father-in-law is moving into an old people’s home, it’s a giant step after living his entire adult life in the family home he built. Similarly, when one leaves home as a young person, you step out into a new world that everything and nothing has prepared you for.

In our picture, it is just about possible to make out the cave our young fool is walking away from and to see just how precarious the ground is upon which he is walking.  But there are old fools too, for example when re-inventing oneself after redundancy, or when in the need for a complete career change. Even when entering into marriage, or recovering from bereavement we are forced to let go of the past and step into a new world. At all these times, we leave our comfort zone to enter the unknown and in doing so become ‘The Fool’.

The young fool in the Tarot card is completely unaware of what lies ahead, and even when we go through this in later in life we can only imagine what lies ahead. But I like to feel that as we grow older, we are more open to seek the advice of someone that has gone before, to at least check that our knapsack is more suitably filled than the one that our young fool carries?

Have a good week,