There can be no doubt that that there are extraordinarily talented people among us. People that have all the attributes that you might want in any single human being. And if this means that the most of us are ‘ordinary’ (otherwise the word would be meaningless) it goes without saying that we can still do extraordinary things, either individually or as a group.

However, billions of man-hours are wasted each year in large companies by employees simply not communicating effectively with each other. Silo thinking and silo working are still the biggest curse for our businesses today and it needs to be overcome if they are to survive the next ten years of digital transformation and AI development.

The very fact that in most large companies, people working in IT do not even see themselves as part of ‘the business’ is a very sad reflection of the fact that we can recruit great talent, even have them work in a team but then repeatedly fail to motivate those teams to work cross functionally with each other.

2018 is the year I want to focus on working with my clients to improve human dynamics. It is not technically difficult, or even complex.  But like any behaviour change it’s easy to get started, even fun but very quickly it is all too easy to slip back into doing things the way we used to do. I hope, together with senior management teams across Europe, we can overcome this potentially fatal problem. After all, the ability for each organisation to turn their ideas into results in ever decreasing time frames will be their biggest challenge in the coming years and I would like to somehow contribute to its solution.

In the meantime, for me, it’s back to completing the tasks that I have still open for 2017, before the calendar of time ticks its way to the year end.

Have a good week,