With many of us driving home for the holiday season, or at least preparing for our family days, I wonder what your piece of personal news is for this year? I ask because looking back on our  achievements is not always that easy and we often only think about them in a blind panic when someone asks us “tell me, what did you do this year?”

The rush of our daily lives tends to smooth over our successes, gently eroding them to little more than ripples in the sand. But take time to turn around and you will see them, stretched out behind you. Well at least I hope so!

Start with the obvious, new additions to the family, new homes, new cars, new job titles, new friends but then look back to things like holidays, conferences, hobby clubs, all your activities with others, anything emerging?  Don’t stop until you have at least three or four.

The achievements I am trying to lead you too are your inner achievements, the things that you are most proud of for yourself, and not necessarily the ones that you might want to share with others.

Perhaps over the Christmas lunch you will not answer the question with “my biggest achievement this year has been to stay clam when things around have been crazy” But it could be “steering my team into shape, getting them to trust one another a little more and to work better together”. And if that was your achievement, well then that’s a pretty good one to get started with!

For many of us, finding personal achievements can be tough, but I still urge you to try, it only takes a few quiet minutes and it will help you reflect upon your year, hopefully bringing back many pleasant memories.  Maybe you made a delicious meal that was greatly appreciated, maybe you showed kindness to a stranger, or maybe you organized a re-union of some kind? Whatever it was, whatever they were, savor them, feel proud of them and take them with you towards the year end. These are the achievements that really matter, even if we never share them.

Have a good week,

Happy Christmas, happy holidays,