And so, it is that another year draws to its end, and what a year it’s been. It started out with me wishing it was mid-May and time to take my little 51-year-old MG car over the Alps and down to Montenegro. But before I knew it, it was mid-June and the trip was successfully completed and life had gone back to normal; organising events, writing speeches, meeting potential Associates and stretching my brain into solving the challenges my clients and colleagues threw at me.

Looking back, my year didn’t quite turn out how I thought. I thought it was going to be different, less work and more leisure but like most other years I took on far too much, allowed myself to get stressed by the worry of possibly letting people down and frustrated by the fact that the two books I wanted to write were not even started! Perhaps next year?

Having said that, in many ways, 2017 wildly surpassed my expectations. Becoming a grandfather for the first time was a pretty significant event, delivering two big speeches and completing my first E-learning course, all go down in my book as successes, along with many other things I managed to do along the way.

And here’s the point, if the year had turned out how I thought it would have, perhaps it would have been somehow less worthwhile and boringly predictable? I have no idea how 2018 will pan out but I hope it isn’t exactly how I am imagining it right now. Because although one can make business projections for earnings and returns on investments, no one can, or should, even attempt to imagine in detail how the year will be.  So, my advice is to mark out your big milestones for the year ahead and then plan for them, but make sure you also leave plenty of room for life’s unexpected opportunities and challenges in-between. After all that’s what makes life interesting isn’t it?

Have a good year end tonight and a smooth beginning to 2018.