I had supper last week with someone who tried to have me agree with him that you can’t find motivated people anymore.  Perhaps I was a little hard in my response. It isn’t hard to find motivated people –  it’s impossible. I’ll tell you why. Humans are not naturally motivated.  Someone who is motivated for no reason has most likely been incorrectly diagnosed as motivated instead of ‘happy’. And why am I saying this?  Because, although some people are easier motivated than others, we need an idea or reason or  vision to become motivated.

On the most basic level, we have been pre-programmed to be self-motivated to find food, shelter, and a sexual partner.  But even then, finding food, like the other examples, is driven by a basic motivator – in this case, the avoidance of pain, in the form of hunger. And while some humans are most motivated when they are ready to fight and to win territory or possessions or the power that can come from winning, when you find someone who is not actively engaged in any of the activities previously mentioned, they are most likely to be a ‘normal’ state. ie waiting for motivation.

It’s the people in this normal state that we need to find and upon finding them, we need to share our vision, in the hope they might want to tag along for a while.  For the final step of converting motivation to commitment (remember the chicken and the pig,), the recipient will also expect other motivators from you: a deep burning benefit to themselves, normally in the form of a strong ‘why’ + rewards in the shape of respect, fun and sometimes money.

Perhaps it is motivators we are short of?  Because the desire to achieve and to be something, is inherent in all of us, we just need to take the trouble to find ways of bringing it out. And, having brought it out, to try and keep it by applying generous amounts of encouragement, guidance, praise and discipline.  And that is what, I fear, we are short of, if we are at all?

Have a good week