As I head towards the year end, on top of all the other stuff I am doing, I am clearing my life of all unnecessary complexity. When I say life, I mean business life.  Not only am I cleaning up data, I am cleaning up my actual businesses too. When I last counted I had 9 VAT numbers that I was responsible for! And although I am not the sole director of four of them, it still leaves a bunch over that need governance and managing.  So I am simplifying things. I am reducing the number of credit cards and bank accounts down to the absolute minimum, insurance policies too. I am clearing out all the stuff that I no longer need.  And why am I doing this?  To clear my head. To save money, to allow me to focus more on content, rather than the process.

Back in 2009 I had the privilege of working on a giant simplification project, not many people in the business saw a real need for it at the time, so the change management effort was immense.  After it was all over, everyone got the point.

So, I wonder why I didn’t start my cleanup exercise earlier? On reflection, the answer is easy. Starting up new things is far more exciting than managing the present or clearing out the old.  In the next few years it is very likely that my wife and I will move home. One of the biggest downsides of this possibility, is the reality of what we will do with all our stuff.  It isn’t coming with us, on that we are agreed (I think) and it’s far too good to throw away – or is it? It’s amazing what re-cyclers can do these days!

Have a good week,