Millennials, Baby boomers, Generation X, Generation Z, Sloane Rangers, Yuppies, like it or not and… I do not, we have a need to put people in to boxes.

I have had a varied career, including time in the Police and the Military, but I do not talk about myself as being, ‘ex-military’ or ‘ex-police’. Except for the odd blog here and there, I hardly ever mention it.

Most of the people in my social and work circle, have no idea about my past, and any police or military history is more likely to be brought up in a conversation by someone else, rather than me.

I had a conversation recently with a colleague who told me what millennials wanted out of life. I listened but all I could think was, how can you compare a 20 year old Oxford graduate coming from a family of professionals, privately educated, with an eye on being the next CEO of their own multinational, with a 20 year old from Glasgow with no formal education but with a gift for art, or for that matter with  a 20 year old from Kent, who has no intention of leaving home, becoming well-educated or ever  getting a job?

You can’t.

We are all individuals with a unique view on life. We share this earth with an unimaginable number of different and differing cultures, religions and beliefs. Our experiences in life make us what we are as individuals. Some following the pack, others leading, others outside and others not feeling they belong anywhere, people with drive and ambition, others not. The ones who know where they are and where they are going, and the ones who are lost and yet to find their path (if ever).

I am an individual, I do not wish to be defined by where I was born, my education, the year of my birth, I am proud to have served my country and to have helped many people in need. But that does not define me.

I am Oliver, the guy who plays guitar, the guy who is learning to fly, the guy with a passion for life and work, a father, a husband. I am not an ‘ex’ anything nor do I feel part of any particular ‘tribal generation’, I am moving forward, I am who I am today and tomorrow this will change.

I belong with everyone that accepts me. With the ones who have drive and the ones who do not. To help where I can and provide support where needed.

I hope that I am always about to achieve something great and that the best moment in my life is about to happen.

I am human, so I am prone to judge, but not on a generation, not on your past, not on your job, but on you as an individual and on everything that I know about you, on what you tell me your values are, how you treat me and how you asked to be treated in return.

I believe that biggest mistake we can make about the question of ‘how do we treat a particular generation’, is by stereotyping a generation rather than asking the question, ‘how can I help YOU!”

What do you think?

Until next time.