When asked what they want to be when they grow up, many boys reply “a policeman” or “fireman”. Cleaning up the attic the other day, reminded me that I always wanted to be the “captain of a ship” (hence me finding a box full of my attempts to draw large ships).

Apart from going on a cruise, my encounters with ships have been extremely limited since my childhood days and my career did not follow the path the 5-year-old in me expected. But then again, did it ever follow any obvious flow?

I graduated as a telecom engineer and after 5 years in the professional world I added an Executive MBA. So, based on this, I find a logical flow in the function titles I have held: from Support and Systems Engineer, to Business Development and eventually into Management. However, looking at the industries I’ve been involved in, the path becomes less obvious. Next to the “logic” cable and telco companies, I evolved from chip development for low power hearing aids and module development for intelligent cars, into challenges in facility management where I got to know new environments like freight forwarding, securities banking and forensic psychiatric centers.

Not to mention the side-curriculum on the race track where I was karting pilot, team manager, flag marshal, karting manager and race director just to name a few.

I feel blessed by all the opportunities I already have had and the experience I have gained. And since I’m only in my mid-forties, I’m guessing the best is yet to come.

Maybe I am far away from my childhood dream but looking at my career so far and where its waves have taken me, I’m not far from the spirit of that dream.

Still looking forward to where the journey will take me next.