There’s one thing I know I can rightly be accused of, trying to share my time across too many activities.  And it’s strange because these days, on paper, I have plenty of free time. Self-diagnosis confronts me with two likely causes:  1. I am interested in everything.  2. I hate to say ‘no’.  But I am sure I am not the only one?

Some people tell me I am not normal, this may be true but is it bad to have multiple projects at the same time, after all I hardly ever watch TV?

If we take the common three pillar activity distribution model:  Work, Family, Hobbies, life should be straight forward.  Then, if we take into account that many people admit during interview that they have no time for hobbies, in most cases, we are only left with two, work and family.  So, unless you are a train driver, or have a similar occupation, how is it that you are still trying to get too many things done?

They say retirement is the time for hobbies, but that can’t be true.  All the retired people I know tell me that they have never been busier!  I am one of the lucky ones (depending how you look at it) whose work is my hobby and my hobbies, are often converted into work (meaning I can create invoices via them and include them in my tax deductions).   But even I, sometimes, wish I were not so interested in other things and could focus on just one – now what would that be?

Have a good week