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The confidence of youth – embrace it!

I would like to share with you two stories about why I like having young people around me. My first story takes place back in the summer of 1977. I am 20 years old and it’s my first day working for a large recruitment company in London.  I am sitting near the back of a room crammed full of metal chairs, there must twenty wide and at least thirty deep.  On every one of them sits a newbie like me.  We are paying extremely close attention to the lady on the podium. She is large, large in every respect; she is intimidating, purposeful, [...]

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Spreading one’s butter too thinly

There’s one thing I know I can rightly be accused of, trying to share my time across too many activities.  And it’s strange because these days, on paper, I have plenty of free time. Self-diagnosis confronts me with two likely causes:  1. I am interested in everything.  2. I hate to say ‘no’.  But I am sure I am not the only one? Some people tell me I am not normal, this may be true but is it bad to have multiple projects at the same time, after all I hardly ever watch TV? If we take the common three [...]

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Change management is like riding a bike

When was the best time of your career?  I bet it is was when you were doing something you’d never done before?  If this is true, I wonder why it is that we constantly look for people with the right experience to bring about change? I was handed ‘the flow chart of change management’ by a colleague this week, it was from one of the world’s leading management schools.  The first box in the flow process was entitled ‘skills’.  Although skills are important, the one thing I have learned in life is this that when a group of people has [...]

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Working in a virtual team?

Do you work as  part of a virtual team? Do you find it a challenge to keep your team motivated, engaged and focused? If so,  you might be interested to read some tips gathered from 40 experienced project professionals. Last Friday, I had the pleasure to facilitate a workshop about virtual teams at the annual PMI Fair (Project Management  Institute)   in Belgium. The findings were both informative and enlightening. But firstly, did you ever count the  years you have been working in a virtual team? Chances are it’s less  than 10. So perhaps it’s  comforting to consider that we are [...]

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Career options & backup plans

Every day I meet someone who is going through a big career change.  Some are doing so out of their own choice, as part of a ‘big plan’ while others are doing so out of necessity due to an imposed change. Having once thought it was for life, the corporates they once worked for have new plans which don’t include them.  Their profiles no longer fitting or in the wrong geographic location. It’s in these situations when the big questions of life ring louder and truer than ever. “What’s it all for? Why are we here? Where am I headed?”  [...]

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