Recently, I was working as a change manager on a gigantic roll out project for a massive multinational.  Everything was exactly as it should be.  When the business had an idea they spontaneously reached out to their IT colleagues to seek advice and support.  And when the IT team hit a technical problem the business was always there to help them. The senior managers too, were very supportive, asking how they could lend a hand. Everywhere I went, people understood the problem that our project was solving and the benefits of solving it.

The communication department were fantastic, they anticipated the mood and concerns of everyone involved and in doing so prepared sensitive communications that spoke to the hearts and minds of their target audiences. Everyone in the project felt they were understood and appreciated. But then something disturbed me. Maybe it was a noise down the hallway or perhaps it was a car out in the street, I can’t be certain, but it woke me up and I realised I had been dreaming.

Have a good week,