There probably was a time, a long, long time ago (perhaps even before you went to school) that when it rained your parents would probably try to rush you into the dry while you would want to stay outside and thoroughly enjoy it? Splashing in puddles, laughing at the reflections in the water, staring up into the clouds, watching the raindrops fall and feeling them splash upon your face, even trying to catch one or two on the tip of your tongue? Life was so much simpler then. Or was it?  When you wanted something you wanted it right there and then.  When things did not go to plan, you quickly became angry and upset. It felt like the end of the world.

Recently my wife and I held a little party for the neighbours in our street. We had been terribly worried about the weather, constantly checking the forecast for days, even weeks beforehand.  As it turned out, after days and days of glorious sunshine, it rained for the first couple of hours and then stopped, leaving a warm evening and the chance to sit around an open fire. All sense of stress and worry gone.

Sometimes, in business, I think we worry too much. Rain is not so bad, we were born with waterproof skin, there is no reason to fear it. Respect it certainly, fear it no.

My tip of the week this week (usually only given in my newsletter) is: Why not make a list of all the things you are worried about? Then write the word ‘why?’ next to each one.  When you’ve contemplated and then answered all your own questions, you just might find that there are not many items left. The remainders are the ones you must deal with as best you can, and then get back to making the most of life.

Have a good week,


“Rain is one man’s blessing and another man’s curse, rain is how you react to it. Nothing more or less.”  Harley Lovegrove