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How not to reward someone

I was driving to my quiet place this morning when I heard a very interesting story on the radio.  It was being told by Dan Ariely, a professor in psychology and behavioural economics. A few years ago Dan had met a locksmith whose clients were complaining about how much he charged. ‘It never used to be the case’, he had said.  ‘When I started out, I wasn’t very good at my job. When I was called to someone who had locked themselves out of their house, it used to take me quite a while to get them in.  Often, I [...]

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It’s always necessary to speak the truth but…

Like most people, having been brought up always to tell the truth, I learnt quite early on just how tricky it can be. Later, in my younger adult years, I became a Quaker and speaking ‘truth to power’ was considered an important foundation.  In fact, Quakers have, for centuries, had the right to refuse to swear on the bible when giving evidence in a court of law, asserting that their ‘word’ is sufficient. However, as we all know speaking the truth can be almost impossible (or even foolish) at times.  Therefore, it was with light relief that I heard the [...]

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The worst and best out of office messages!

The worst and best out of office messages! I recently sent out an e-mail invitation to my business colleagues and as you can imagine, it being August, I received a great deal of out of office replies. Because I was stuck in the office and not away on holiday, I decided to pass the time reading all the replies, (I know my life is sad), here’s just a few of the best and worst – enjoy! (perhaps yours is among them)? :-) Dear, I will be out of the office from 24/7 until 7/8. I will read my emails sporadically [...]

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Managing expectations – ask your dentist!

I remember my first assignment as a change manager for a large multi-national.  Apart from struggling with getting a grip on exactly who my stakeholders were and where I could find them, I managed to quite quickly get myself into a spot of bother with regards expectation management. It’s important for this story to know that I am an optimist, if there is a chance of something going right, then, why wouldn’t it? And while my optimism worked fine in small organizations; surrounded by highly intelligent, very motivated engineers who, like me, simply loved a challenge. The same couldn’t be [...]

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Don’t be afraid of the rain

There probably was a time, a long, long time ago (perhaps even before you went to school) that when it rained your parents would probably try to rush you into the dry while you would want to stay outside and thoroughly enjoy it? Splashing in puddles, laughing at the reflections in the water, staring up into the clouds, watching the raindrops fall and feeling them splash upon your face, even trying to catch one or two on the tip of your tongue? Life was so much simpler then. Or was it?  When you wanted something you wanted it right there [...]

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