It is commonly known that I am motor racing fan, and take a special interest in McLaren. In a recent post showing their financial results for 2016, I noticed that they are celebrating their fourth consecutive year of profitability with a record 3,286 McLarens sold in 2016 and a 70 percent increase of profit before tax. This is just six years after selling their first car!

So, what have McLaren got that has allowed them to achieve these results? Clearly, they have a loyal and fast growing customer base but how? Up until recently, I was always a Porsche 911 fan, so why have I now jumped teams to McLaren?

Perhaps it’s because I was lucky enough to have been invited to the ultra-clean and modern facilities at McLaren in Woking by Andy Palmer, their vehicle line director for the Ultimate Series.  Apart from the allure of the trophy lined walls and the displays of historic McLaren cars that look out on to the lake outside the factory, I also see the passion in Andy’s eyes. He talks with a smile and you can hear in his voice that even though he has worked there for a few years, the excitement of the place and the passion he has is unquestionable.

For anyone who has petrol running through their veins, being part of the development of amazing vehicles like McLarens is a dream job.

I love my job, honestly I do. I feel privileged to have met the people I have, to have travelled to the countries and venues I have, and the opportunities that I now have. It wasn’t always like that for me. But I am passionate about what I do and when I work with my clients, I want to make a difference and be part of their team.

What happens when you are passionate about what you do? You go to work because you want to, not because you must. You want to make a difference even when things are going wrong and you feel like you’re on your own, you find something deep within to keep going and make that change because it’s what you love to do.

Is not just about passion and drive, one needs the right skills and qualifications too.  Clearly they’re not exclusive and I believe in the end, it’s about the qualities of individuals and how they contribute to their team.

After all, for Andy and his team, knowledge, pushing the boundaries, passion and drive are clearly reflected in the achievements of 2016!

Until next time.