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The pinball effect – big company / small company

There are some things that make me laugh, not out loud but deep inside; one is hearing an earnest teenager telling me how their life is going to be, another is hearing someone who has only worked in a large organisation tell me how change would be much easier to implement in a small one! You can call it the arrogance, naivety, over confidence or simple ambition but we humans (especially us males) like to believe in our ability to have influence over the life and times of others. So many genuine people from big companies tell me how they [...]

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Why do we allow projects to fail?

I recently had a very interesting conversation with a programme director of a large IT company based in the UK. During the conversation, he asked me, “Why do Projects Fail?”, this is a question that I hear quite often, but before I gave my opinion, a little voice in my head said, “The question should be, why do we ALLOW projects to fail?” I believe there is a subtle but important difference here. By asking the question, “why do projects fail?”, it allows us to believe that a project has a mind of its own and distance ourselves from the [...]

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Finding your tribe

In previous blogs, I have tried to reiterate the absolute need for diversity in the workplace, especially when innovation and creativity are basic requirements. However, I do not want to override or forget one very basic other need and that is to ‘find your tribe’.  On an individual level, we can be happy with the content of our work but still, somehow feel uncomfortable with the people around us.  Company culture, departmental behaviour, cliques and groups can either make us feel welcome or constantly on the outside. When listening to the stories of many ‘great lives’, one thing always seems [...]

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Doing what you love

It is commonly known that I am motor racing fan, and take a special interest in McLaren. In a recent post showing their financial results for 2016, I noticed that they are celebrating their fourth consecutive year of profitability with a record 3,286 McLarens sold in 2016 and a 70 percent increase of profit before tax. This is just six years after selling their first car! So, what have McLaren got that has allowed them to achieve these results? Clearly, they have a loyal and fast growing customer base but how? Up until recently, I was always a Porsche 911 [...]

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How would you reward a brilliant money saving idea?

With the recent story of a UK delivery driver’s 1.5MEUR per year cost saving idea being rewarded by a gift voucher worth little more than the price of a cup of coffee and a cake, one is left wondering what is the best way to reward genuine innovation? For a start, in the case of the delivery driver, it seems that the only reward he was hoping for was some genuine appreciation and the chance of getting a better job outside the confines of his lorry. One can only assume that had one of his senior management team improved the [...]

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