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Embarrassing moments!

Come on, be honest with yourself… we’ve all had at least one or two embarrassing moments in our professional careers. You know what I mean, the moments when you said, or did, something so wrong, so personally embarrassing that you just wanted the floor to open and to swallow you up whole?

I have a few that I can think of and maybe one day, I’ll feel ready to share some of them. The weird thing is that some of them happened so long ago and yet sometimes in the early hours of the morning, somewhere between asleep and awake, they can still come back to haunt me.

And yet some of these moments, although most likely long forgotten by the people who witnessed them (hopefully!) can be seen as immensely important turning points.  Incidents from which we learn and improve, or decide to go in a completely different direction.

For actors, comedians, singers and indeed all those on one kind of stage or another, these embarrassing moments are likely to be fairly common events, especially in their formative years when they are pushing their personal boundaries and gaining new experiences.

Speak to any successful performer about their ‘swallow me up’ moments and they will say that although they were the utmost worst moments of their careers, they will also tell you that they were an essential part of their personal growth as professional performers. And so it is too that we can allow our embarrassing moments to become our personal career tutors either stirring us on to higher levels of performance, or in another direction away from danger and into the safety of the long grass.

Whichever road you’re on right now, I hope you are enjoying it.

Have a good week,


P.S. Feel free to share any of your own embarrassing professional moments, you might even motivate me to share one or two of my own! 😉

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  1. Luigi May 31, 2017 at 10:26 am - Reply

    Once I had to inform my manager that a team mate was cheating on his schedule since quite some time and this was heavily affecting us as a team to a point that we were doing overtimes to cover up his mess.
    He was fired a month after.
    What was most embarrassing was to casually meet him at a bar an year later or so and the first thing he said to me was “you made my life horrible”. It was pretty that weird “swallow me up” situation, but in the end I am glad I contributed my former team mates a better life.

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