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Embarrassing moments!

Come on, be honest with yourself... we’ve all had at least one or two embarrassing moments in our professional careers. You know what I mean, the moments when you said, or did, something so wrong, so personally embarrassing that you just wanted the floor to open and to swallow you up whole? I have a few that I can think of and maybe one day, I’ll feel ready to share some of them. The weird thing is that some of them happened so long ago and yet sometimes in the early hours of the morning, somewhere between asleep and awake, [...]

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Harmony in the workplace

What comes to mind when you think of the word ‘harmony’?  Some oldies might remember a particular brand of hairspray but most will imagine a pleasing sound, perhaps voices singing together? I like to think of harmony in a slightly different way. For me the word is closer to diversity because true harmony in the musical sense is produced by several voices (instrument or vocal) performing together to create an overall whole.  The voices each have their role to play. They have their own pitch and rhythmic structure. They may even be dissonant with each other, forming unique sounds that [...]

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Will you remember me for something else?

Recently, my wife posted on Facebook that she wasn’t feeling very well. She received a lot of support, wishing her a speedy recovery. To lighten the mood, I posted that I was feeling great! I then received a reply from one of her friends, “I expect a spotless kitchen, nothing in or around the sink, vacuumed, floor moped, tomorrow morning first thing school run, walk the dogs, work.. you know the drill”. This was a light-hearted response to my sarcastic comment. I replied, that I did all this anyway and the lady responded, “Great, you won’t have to be trained [...]

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Taking on the impossible

I like to think that I have taken on some impressive projects in my time, however nothing I have done even begins to compare with the achievements of Donald Henderson.  Donald was born in Lakewood, Ohio in 1928. He obtained a medical degree and choose epidemiology as his favoured direction.  In 1966 the World Health Authority offered him the job of eradicating the world of the deadliest of diseases, smallpox.  Known to have been around since before the pharos and responsible for between 300 and 500 million deaths in the 20th. century alone, no one truly believed that the project [...]

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