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Three delicious meals

I think it is no secret that I am blessed to be married with someone who enjoys cooking.  Over the Easter weekend my wife prepared three spectacular meals in a row. I was blown away by the first, staggered by the second and enchanted by the third, so you can imagine when she asked which one I would like her to cook again one day, I took no hesitation in saying ‘all three!’ However, as is my custom, I turned her question around. ‘Which of the three did you enjoy the most?’ and although she found it hard to decide (liking [...]

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The nature of change

When I was growing up I was fascinated by how things worked and why things were the way they were, as indeed I am still today.  My schoolteachers did a good job in framing my approach to learning. I was taught that mathematics and science were the most important subjects because they dealt in facts and not ambiguity. I was also taught that history was more important than art because it too was factual. The examinations my teachers set me consisted of a number of questions which needed to be answered in a given period of time and in an [...]

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Listen carefully, I will say this only once…

Next to my “daytime job”, I spend many of my weekends on a race circuit. Not as a driver but as the Race Director. My responsibility, amongst other things, is ensuring the safety on track and, like flight attendants before every flight, I also have to present the mandatory safety briefing. The 2017 race season has just started, so now everybody still pays attention. But I know that in a couple of races from now there will be drivers thinking “we’ve heard this all before, this is a waste of time.”  Often, these are the first people to make mistakes, [...]

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Stay on the bus for a while

In times of deep moments in our lives we often look for metaphors to try and make sense of things.  Imagine then the situation where an elderly lady asks a young girl what she should do. She is lost, she is scared. She believes she's on a bus on her way home from school, the only problem is she does not recognise the streets the bus is riding down, she does not recognise the houses either. She is confused. But the young girl knows better. She knows the old lady is in hospital, that her days are numbered and that [...]

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