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Where to next?

I am not sure if it is coincidence but recently I have been spending quite a bit of time with people that are confronted by this question. Perhaps in a way we all are? I came across it recently as the header question from the Microsoft ‘Edge’ web browser. Where to next? is working on several levels for me: To move away from Microsoft Edge – it’s horrid! To reflect on how I choose to spend my waking hours for the next three months To reflect on why so many people find this such a difficult question to answer! In [...]

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Good is the enemy of great

Imagine you’re walking along the beach and you see something sparkling in the sand. You bend down to pick it up and there in the palm of your hand is something that looks like a generously sized diamond. You put it carefully in your pocket and the next day you take it to an expert who says ‘I have good news for you, it’s real. What’s more it’s almost perfect, just the tiniest hint of an imperfection that holds it back from being priceless. If you’re thinking of selling it will fetch a good price, maybe a few thousand, who [...]

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Solve for X

When I was younger (yes, so much younger than today) I always loved mathematics. Those little rules were great tools to solve all possible problems, or at least, all the problems you got in class. Moving on to the university, I got to know Mr. Heisenberg and his theoretical physicist colleagues. It turned out that while I had been doing well with my mathematical formulas, from that moment on I could only reach good approximations. The hard “1 + 1 = 2” truth from before became a bit less obvious than before. Now, since more than 20 years, I have [...]

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Am I good?

I always looked forward to my wife’s birthday, it was so nice to see her receive the special attention she so much deserves.  Cards and presents from oversees, little ‘thank you’ gifts, phone texts, ‘What’s App’ messages and photos and, of course, whatever the postman brings on the day. However the last couple of years I see that these things bring with them a level of stress that was never there before. There was a time when someone sent you a birthday card and a day or so later you would call them to say ‘thank you’, or wait until [...]

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The new business buzzword in leadership coaching is ‘authenticity’. Apparently a great leader needs to be authentic.  It’s a good word when applied to a specific style of behaviour but it tells us very little. Authentic at work, authentic at home and authentic with friends. Authenticity is supposed to about ‘being yourself’. However, who are we? When I look back on my life, I don’t think I really knew who I was (certainly not in the work place) until I was in my late thirties. Finding oneself is much harder than many people think. I was speaking to a young [...]

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