For most people I know, no matter what they do and wherever they do it, the thought of Trump is not so far away. This is not a political blog, whether Trump and his posse are going to be good for the world is not the question here. This blog is about what to do when someone enters your organization in such a way that your existing communication and regulatory behavior processes prove to be ineffective.

To give an example, I have heard of foster parents who fostered a child whose family values and social norms were so very different from their own that it made it impossible for them to hold their existing family together.

In business too I have witnessed managers who get what they want by behaving very differently from the norm. Sometimes acting like spoilt children; Banging the table, shouting, threatening, bullying, getting others to join them to gang up against a particular person.  And the strange thing is, when the results that these people deliver offer some kind of tangible benefit to others, then their exceptional behavior is far too often ignored. It’s true that ‘Trump types’ do not tend to stay around for very long, yet the consequences of their actions can last for decades (on both a personal and business level).

So what to do about Trump? If he was in your organization what would you do? For me personally, I see very few alternatives:

  1. Do nothing, see what happens and let time take its course
  2. Override one’s democratic processes and have him somehow removed from office
  3. Begin acting towards him in exactly the same way as he acts towards others

Whatever the option, we have to remember that it was the ‘democratic process’ that won the President elect his seat, and assuming that some change managers might be asked to have it another way – what strategies do they have at their disposal?

Have a good week