I am told that of all the things one can do on this planet that there is nothing much finer than swimming with a whale shark. The beauty, majesty and power of this wonderful creature is apparently beyond compare.  Growing up to 14m in length and up to 20,000Kg, there can be no discussion whether this is a big fish or not! And because the whale shark does not pose any innate danger to humans, the intensity of emotion that divers express when swimming with them, is not based upon fear but upon wonderment. There is, however, one danger that divers talk about when swimming with these creatures and that is their ability to hypnotise. So much so that when a whale shark swims ever lower into the depths, their human companions tend to follow and in doing so go too deep to return to the surface safely. Thus experienced divers will tell you to leave your breathing apparatus on the boat and to only snorkel with them.

In our working lives there are all kinds of whale sharks around us, luring us into deeper waters, steering us far away from our chosen course. And even if the journey seems worthwhile and logical it is only a matter of time before we come to realize that our path can have a dangerous point of no return.

There is nothing wrong with swimming with whale sharks, in fact it has to be recommended but only on one’s own terms. The ability to avoid the hypnotic pull is our measure of determination and focus.

Whatever your Whale Shark is, be it real or imaginary, embrace it, respect it but never try to be it.

Have a good week