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Wrong decision

I recently made a mistake. But as soon as I understood what had happened, I notified my customer with the explanation and the action plan to avoid the same mistake in the future.   My colleagues were a bit hesitant on informing the customer. After all, no real harm was done. At most, the result was less optimal as it could have been, and chances were that the customer would never have noticed. I could understand this reaction as I remember the time when I would have reacted the same way. It's probably even a human and natural reaction: the [...]

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The Continental Breakfast

The waitress in the hotel breakfast room very politely offered me two options; a ‘full breakfast’ or a ‘continental breakfast’.  Not feeling particularly hungry I opted for the continental.  However, to my surprise, it included scrambled eggs, bacon, toast and whole range of meats, cheeses, breads and pastries. In fact, apart from a couple of small items, there didn’t seem to be any difference between the ‘continental’ and the ‘full’ breakfast.  I got to wondering what does the word ‘continental’ actually mean in this context? When I was a young man travelling between hotels across the UK, a ‘continental’ breakfast [...]

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Customer Service

Before flying to visit a client, I made a reservation at a UK airport business lounge so I could finish some important work on the way. The facilities on offer were exactly what I needed: a table, refreshments and most importantly, Wi-Fi. I made my way through airport security with no fuss, along the terminal corridor and up the stairs to the lounge. I was greeted by a sign by the door that said, “Please wait here to be seated.” I waited by the sign. About fifteen feet in front of me, sat a young Lady on a high stall [...]

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Two patients but which one needs treatment?

An experienced doctor showed his young trainees two x-rays, one showing serious damage and deterioration to the hip and another showing only minor wear.  He asked “which of these x-rays belongs to my patient complaining of severe hip pain”? The young doctors looked at each other as if the professor was thinking they were totally ignorant.  One of the more outward students replied “the one with the severe damage of course”. “Wrong” said the professor, “the X-ray with the severe deterioration belongs to an athlete who is still extremely fit and complains of nothing. No it’s the hip with minor [...]

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In my sixtieth year and still got a lot to learn!

I really didn’t think I could still get something so basic so wrong. After all, it happened just a few kilometers over the border. Even my lawyer knew about it and he hardly ever leaves his office! Every year I teach my change management students that if they need other people's support to achieve something important,  then they had better go and lobby them before raising it in a meeting. But this time, I kidded myself that this situation was different because it is an incredibly fast moving project and I would only be availble to help for a few [...]

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