If a client has a serious problem, I remain cool. My logical brain kicks in and my thought processes absorb information and process it accordingly. However, this week’s story shows a very different me. When the problem is mine, I surprise myself at how quickly my logical thought processes switch to emotional ones. See what you think…

I was so happy this morning. I managed to finally complete the building of a complex training course for the leadership team of one of our clients.  However, just when I was saving it, a call came in.  The next thing I knew my training course was gone. But not only the one I had just finished but the entire folder containing all the lectures, workshops and trainings I had given for the last two years. Gone, simply disappeared!

I kept very calm at first and thought, ‘OK it must be me and I am just looking in the wrong place’. I decided to check my online replication tool and to my horror nothing was there either! The entire Training folder had simply vanished. This left me with a massive dilemma. Do I cancel my urgent meetings for the day and try and rebuild from scratch, ready for the next day or do I continue my day as planned and cancel the training? Either way my reputation was seriously at stake.

The prospect of rebuilding from scratch was not very feasible – I considered my options again. Immediately I fell into a pit of despair. If I could, I would have run away.  I checked and checked and triple checked. I even opened PowerPoint to try via ‘recent files’ – I could see it but error messages came up saying ‘path no longer valid!’ And then, by accident I clicked on an adjacent folder and low and behold it was there. Somehow I had moved the entire ‘Lectures & Workshops’ folder into the ‘Logos’ folder!

On reflection, I surprised myself at quickly I fell into panic and then despair. I got to wondering what if I hadn’t accidentally found it? Would I have panicked into a completely inappropriate series of actions and decisions?

It’s at times like these that one realizes just how important colleagues are. Not just to help with the stuff they are supposed to do but to be around, caring and supportive at the very times you need them most.

Today I was not alone, happily I had a number of calming influencers around me. And boy was I lucky I accidentally clicked on the wrong folder! Logic tells me, afterwards that I could have simply ‘searched’ for the files and I would have found them. But it is this common inability to solve our own problems that makes sympathetic colleagues so essential.

Have a good week,