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All my data gone!

If a client has a serious problem, I remain cool. My logical brain kicks in and my thought processes absorb information and process it accordingly. However, this week’s story shows a very different me. When the problem is mine, I surprise myself at how quickly my logical thought processes switch to emotional ones. See what you think… I was so happy this morning. I managed to finally complete the building of a complex training course for the leadership team of one of our clients.  However, just when I was saving it, a call came in.  The next thing I knew [...]

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Damn! We forgot about Jane

In some companies it’s getting better, I think perhaps it’s more a psychological thing, rather than deliberate negligence but I am talking about forgetting people that are not physically present. Many of us work offsite once in a while, be it from home or from another company location. And while we are away it can be as if we no longer exist. I heard an interesting case this week of a midwife called Jane. Jane had gained some considerable experience and built up a good reputation among her peers and bosses. However, while she was on pregnancy leave, her immediate [...]

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Is that a parrot on your shoulder?

Helen Mac Donald was talking about her latest book ‘H is for Hawk’ on the radio yesterday and she told a story of her meeting a man walking in the city with a parrot on his shoulder. Because she was so fascinated with birds she asked the man ‘why do you have a parrot on your shoulder?’ His answer was quite surprising! “Because I am shy”. “If you are so shy, why do you draw attention to yourself in such a way?” she asked. “Because people are interested in the parrot, not in me”. I think you can already sense [...]

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