We’ve had industrial and cultural revolutions, we’ve had political revolutions too, all of these things have shaped the way we do business. In the evolution of the modern business models, our knowledge of Sales, Marketing and Finance processes are extremely well advanced. So much so, you might say that they have topped out.  IT too has seen a tiny flattening out of possibilities in supporting our businesses, so I believe it’s HR’s turn now.

What’s new to know about HR and the services they offer, I hear you ask?  Well I see giant multinationals and even small to medium sized business built like battleships with their departmental silos still not understanding that without massive change, it’s only a matter of time before they become obsolete.

So what can HR do?  For a start they are extremely well placed to find a way of transitioning their organizations into agile businesses held together by small, dynamic, self-managing teams.  They have the potential to shape the kinds of organizations that the students just starting out at University this month will want to work for in a few years’ time.

And if you think this is too far-fetched, I can show you examples of it working already. I can show you simple ways of changing meeting structures to allow agility and involvement, and dare I even say ‘innovation’ into deadly weekly departmental meetings.

So there are reasons to be optimistic, to be cheerful about the future. But the journey will only start when HR realize that perhaps it’s their turn to take the lead to make the biggest change in the way we do business.

Have a good week,