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Meaningful conversation – mindless words

“Jane, It’s great to see you, how are you? you look wonderful; it’s been so long!” “You’re looking pretty good too David”. “How was your journey?” “Fine, no problems at all.” “It’s great weather isn’t it? I can hardly believe this is Belgium!” “Indeed, it’s so hot. How’s your Mother?” “Much better, let me take your bags”. With this conversation taken from two people meeting for the first time in many years I would like to try and show what really happens in the kind verbal communication we commonly call ‘small talk’. I want to do this because I believe that [...]

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It’s HR’s time now

We’ve had industrial and cultural revolutions, we’ve had political revolutions too, all of these things have shaped the way we do business. In the evolution of the modern business models, our knowledge of Sales, Marketing and Finance processes are extremely well advanced. So much so, you might say that they have topped out.  IT too has seen a tiny flattening out of possibilities in supporting our businesses, so I believe it’s HR’s turn now. What’s new to know about HR and the services they offer, I hear you ask?  Well I see giant multinationals and even small to medium sized [...]

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Inheritance Tracks

I am just old enough to have worked in a company where one addressed one’s bosses with the formality of Mr or Mrs or Ms.  Communication was extremely formal and apart from anger or frustration, it was unusual to use any emotion in a business environment conversation. Apart from the ‘Mr. and Mrs.’ part, sadly, far too little has changed in our communication styles. Business leaders still tend to be too stiff and facts based. Because of this they are unable to truly inspire the kind of commitment from their staff that they would deeply like. I imagine this will [...]

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When it comes to describing leadership styles there are two words that are often confused, especially by people with English as their second or third language.  ‘Charisma’ and ‘presence’ may seem similar but their difference is important.  While charisma is the kind of indescribable charm that is typically associated with extraordinary rock and movie stars, 'presence' is much more fundamental and, luckily more common. And while it can sometimes be fun to have a leader with charisma, it is certainly not essential. However, the same cannot be said for presence. All leaders need to create an air of presence, without [...]

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