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I don’t believe that it is exaggeration to suggest that most people feel trapped in some way. And certainly all of us have felt so at some stage in our lives. This week I witnessed being temporarily trapped as a commuter and I asked myself, 'how many of my fellow commuters are likely to feel trapped in their jobs and careers too? The heavy weight of mortgages, parenting, and adult responsibility is something that, luckily, us humans are pretty good at bearing. But for a project or change manager whose jobs it is to create a team and lift individuals [...]

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World beating excellence – ‘it’s a system not a mindset’

For me, the Olympic games is more about the taking part rather than the winning. However, that being said, one can only look at team GB’s medal results with absolute amazement. How can a country so small out-perform every other country in the world apart from the US?  It was not that long ago that ‘Team Great Britain’ used to be right down at the very bottom of the medal tables with only the odd hero, here and there proving themselves to be extraordinary.  Today Great Britain is even above Russia, China and Germany. So what’s changed? Unlike the ‘Leicester [...]

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The unexpected advantages of being multi-lingual

In a week where we have learned that being multi-lingual improves one’s ability to concentrate, solve problems and focus, it was an additional pleasure to learn that people who are bi-lingual are also less likely to suffer from dementia. Now this might seem like holiday news hocus pocus but, having read an extremely interesting article (‘Why being bilingual works wonders for your brain’) by Gaia Vince in The Guardian, I also learned that with each new language one learns, one acquires a new personality too! According to scientists, it has been proven that multi-lingual people’s responses to questions and circumstances [...]

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“You’re cold and uncaring” – “You’re too emotional!”

There is nothing more distressing than having to work in an environment of personal conflict, where even the smallest thing can spark off a very heated argument.  This is especially because you can find yourself being pulled in opposite directions as those involved seek to find moral support. It’s strange how life goes but recently I have found myself embroiled in a number of completely disconnected situations where deeply entrenched animosity is seriously impacting, not only the individuals concerned but also on their organisations and ultimately families. Obviously, I am not going to go into specifics here in public but [...]

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