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What holds CIO’s back the most?

Yesterday I challenged the world conference of CIO’s at CIO Net’s annual meeting in Amsterdam with a question: When it comes to implementing great ideas, what holds them back the most? My precise question was: “Imagine at this conference you came up with the perfect idea for your organization, what would be the first No. 1 block for you to overcome?” My question was part of my key-note speech ‘Leadership in the digital age’, where I argued that leadership (as in the words of Patrick Thomas, CEO Covestro AG) was about ‘taking people somewhere other than where they are headed’). [...]

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Not so much a debate but a full blown out argument!

I guess all of us have, from time to time, become dragged into discussions that end up developing into arguments?  This week I want to explore the rapidly disappearing art of a well-constructed debate.  A debate, in contradiction to an argument, is supposed to explore differing views and opinions and to eventually come to some form of conclusion.  In a debate no one argument or opinion has authority over another. All are an essential component of the process. In today’s politically correct world, the art of debate is becoming a rarer occurrence. Too many people are scared of being seen [...]

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