As the month of May draws to its end, we begin to see holiday charts appearing and conversations turn towards chosen destinations and preferences. But where has the time gone?  The first five months just seemed to fly by.  If you were planning to hit big numbers this year by now they should be appearing?

I often think that if by the end of May I cannot see my personal targets as realistic then I need to take some quick decisions. To adjust my tactics, or even my strategy.  Because, before I know it, September will be here and with it the final quarter’s budgets.

Now if all this sounds negative, I do not mean it to be. It’s just that on both a personal and business level, I find that the first five months of the year are critical.  From month one to five, I am still partly carried by the motivational boost I got from the novelty of the New Year.  So it is now, just before June that I like to reflect:

Am I on track?

Are we on track?

Have I taken too much on?

Is my focus in the right place?

Are the promises I made to myself and my shareholders (in this case both business and family) coming to fruition?

Is my work-life balance where I expected it to be?

Have I learnt as much as I had hoped for?

Read as much as I hoped for?

Done as much as I hoped for?

And it is with these questions in my mind that I prepare my plan for the second half of the year. With still thirty days to go before it begins – I begin to feel that everything is still possible!

Have a good week