I almost never write about football because, firstly, I am not an expert on the topic and secondly, I know that many of my readers are not interested in the subject. However this week is different because something amazing has happened and the timing couldn’t be better for me personally.

Imagine this, a team struggling at the bottom of a very competitive league, defies all the hurdles imaginable to end the season winning it. This is the fairy tale story of the English football team, Leicester City. However, when you look into the details to find out how they managed it, you can begin to see that it is not luck but a series of good decisions, hard work, dedication and a touch of ‘excellence’ in everything they did.

With 19 teams to compete with, getting to the top against the big giant names like ‘Manchester United’ and Chelsea, winning the Premier League would logically seem impossible. This story fascinates me because I want to encourage my clients to understand that winning beyond borders is possible for them too.

Ask any athlete and they will tell you that winning starts with attitude. In addition, one needs great strategy and tons of self-belief and outstanding teamwork. The trouble is, if your business is stuck in third or even thirtieth place, it can be extremely hard to get your colleagues to join you into believing that things can be better.

With the help of a colleague, I have developed some extremely powerful decision making techniques that when aligned to the company’s visionary strategy, can achieve outstanding results. However, in order for them to work, the decision techniques need to be merged with some team dynamic tools and good old fashioned people behavior change techniques. For as long as there is a genuine openness to improve, I believe that it is possible for every business to reach far better results and to outperform their competitors. And this, sometimes, even without the need for additional funding.

If you think this is fantasy, then read Leicester City’s story. Compare their resources and spending levels with those of their rivals. A picture will quickly emerge that great Leadership and team spirit are two of the key drivers.

Next week I will put my latest techniques to the ultimate test. These days are exciting for me because I can feel optimism in the air and Leicester City has just shown the world that to become best in class is possible, even in the face of overwhelming competition and limited budgets.

Have a good week,