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Time to reflect on the year so far

As the month of May draws to its end, we begin to see holiday charts appearing and conversations turn towards chosen destinations and preferences. But where has the time gone?  The first five months just seemed to fly by.  If you were planning to hit big numbers this year by now they should be appearing? I often think that if by the end of May I cannot see my personal targets as realistic then I need to take some quick decisions. To adjust my tactics, or even my strategy.  Because, before I know it, September will be here and with [...]

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Public Speaking – what to do if you cannot avoid it!

Anyone who has seen me give a speech in the last few years might think that I am a ‘natural’. However, they might also be surprised to discover that until the age of thirty nine, I was so terrified of speaking in public that I would do almost anything to avoid it; even deliberately refusing business invitations if there was any chance of my being asked to stand up and say something in public. So how did the turn-around occur? In 1996, some colleagues of mine were giving a presentation to a potential client. Their presentations were very technical and [...]

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Strategic alignment in just three words

I remember back in the nineties, the management team of every new start up investing serious amounts of time on three things ‘Vision, Mission and Promise’. In fact, not so many got to the ‘Promise’ bit because it was rather vague and complex. By the noughties though, Promise had been phased out and replaced by ‘core values’ and we all got busy on those. However, the big challenge that settings these extremely important parameters failed to meet was to later prove fundamental in the failure of so many start-ups. You can have a clear vision of the future and exactly [...]

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How is that possible?

I almost never write about football because, firstly, I am not an expert on the topic and secondly, I know that many of my readers are not interested in the subject. However this week is different because something amazing has happened and the timing couldn’t be better for me personally. Imagine this, a team struggling at the bottom of a very competitive league, defies all the hurdles imaginable to end the season winning it. This is the fairy tale story of the English football team, Leicester City. However, when you look into the details to find out how they managed [...]

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I had an interesting conversation with a friend recently. On the face of it, it was about conflicts of interest but in reality it was about the unnecessary fear of wrong doing. My friend explained that his wife Jennifer worked for a multinational that regularly employed freelance IT contractors. My friend is a partner in a small IT company and is always looking to build business with new clients. He asked Jennifer if she knew how he could approach her company with the idea of developing business with them.  He was a little surprised when she told him that should [...]

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