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Trying something new

Last week a colleague and I ran a three day workshop on transitional leadership. The delegates were all senior managers of the same high technology, multi-national company.  What a great bunch of people. It was a pleasure to coach them. Among the several exercises we asked of them, one was to give a three minute motivational story; the aim of which was to inspire their colleagues to step out of their comfort zones and to try something new. Bearing in mind the delegates had very little time to prepare, the results were rather impressive. I found myself captured by the [...]

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Do you want to be my partner or my friend?

This week I heard the tale of two close friends who went into business together. They had known each other since their school days. They had brought up their children in the same neighbourhood, shared the same ups and downs of parenting and supported one another through times of personal crisis. But they had never had a serious argument. A very long time ago I read a book about marriage. It was written by a Catholic priest (the reason I was drawn to it, after all what does a Catholic priest know about marriage I wondered)? There was a passage [...]

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What’s your strategy?

It’s really strange, but most of us have at least one or two problems on the back burner that we know need to be sorted. For whatever reason, we just never seem to find the time to get to them.  I am not talking about repairing the lock on the kitchen door or re-painting the front window but rather handling relatively serious issues that have a material impact on our businesses. Everyone knows the saying “your business (team) is as strong as its weakest link.”  But strangely, many leaders avoid, or reduce the priority of the very things that you [...]

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You can’t miss it nowadays: the worldwide press is filled with stories about the US Presidential Elections. Living in a country that probably has the most governments per citizen, I have already dealt with a fair deal of Elections and I’m always a bit intrigued by the process. If you want to get “elected” for a position, the key is to convince as many people as possible that you are the best candidate. But very rarely I see the campaign being about past accomplishments. Nine times out of ten, the focus is on what the candidate will do in the [...]

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