Imagine the situation. One of your team is under enormous pressure to deliver. You are upset and stressed and disappointed about the entire situation but what to do?  Great leaders know that applying more pressure is not only a waste of time but also very counter-productive. They are also able to put their own feelings aside because logically they understand that their problem is not about what they feel but about how to de-stress the situation in order to deliver a satisfactory solution.

And yet, for me, putting my own feelings aside is one area which at times I struggle with. Especially when working remotely. Sometimes I wish I had more patience, a higher level of empathy and more tact. Like many others, I tend to let my own feelings show at the very time when I shouldn’t.

The ability to not say what is on one’s mind, except when it is beneficial to do so, is something that many of us struggle with. Every parent knows this phenomenon, especially when it comes to topics like motivating their children to eat new food or managing homework routines.

Somewhere out there, there is the perfect leader but I can imagine that there are not many of them. However, after seeing a video on Facebook last night about what the latest robots can do, I am beginning to think that one day we may even be managed by them. To some extent, perhaps we already are?

Check out this short video from CNBC about Sophia, the Hanson robot girl.

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