It’s been a long damp winter. I cannot remember there ever being quite so much rain. Some scientists say that this is the new normal, thanks to global warming. But whatever it is, there is no doubt that our weather affects our daily moods and perhaps this is one of the reasons why life has seemed a little tough recently?

I have the feeling that I have been trying to balance priorities and somehow not managed to quite finish anything to the quality level I like to strive for. But today everything has changed. The rain has gone and I have found a new energy and a strong sense of purpose.  And why? Because I have had a good night’s sleep and woken to realize that today is a new day and that the negativity that I have had to deal with recently, is not forever.

It must be a coincidence but in this last week I have been working with not one, but two small businesses who are going through very rough times indeed.  The energy levels required to re-focus people who are at the very bottom is enormous.

Similarly, even the very best employees can crash, after all we are not machines. So my message this week is to keep your eyes open for those around you that need a little lift, even the strongest, most motivated need a boost once in a while.

Have a good week,