I was working with some friends trying to think of a new tagline for a charity when we came across ‘Excellence through collaboration’. The strange thing about the slogan building process is that it forces you to think very deeply about what it is exactly your organisation does, and even more importantly – why?

Let me share with you how it worked for us, it’s surprisingly complex:

Our charity is called ‘Young Belgian Talent’. At a first attempt we could describe it as ‘a charity to support brilliant young classical musicians starting out on their professional solo careers’.

But then we got to thinking ‘what does our charity actually do to help them?’ We agreed the answer was:

Organizes concerts and competitions, donate money, record CD’s, arrange coaching on self-promotion, legal contracts, finance, communication, stage presence, concentration techniques, confidence boosting, marketing, digital media strategies and whatever else they need.

Then we got to thinking, ‘how does the Young Belgian Talent charity manage to do this?’ The answer lead us to a list of resources:

We directly (and indirectly) need the continued support of music academies, professors, venues (architects, builders, designers, product manufacturers), marketing experts, engineers, financiers, musical instrument makers, retailers, distributors, power suppliers, all kinds of technology, copyright organizations, music publishers and last but no means least: composers, performers and an audience.

Although at the simplest level it is possible to compose one’s own music and just sing, it’s when you look at the charity from a resource perspective, that you realize exactly how big one needs to think to embrace the whole community in the slogan.

Every charity or business, regardless how big or small, started somewhere. And if one is asked to think up a slogan for one, the challenge suddenly becomes complex and yet vitally important to get right.

So far I have progressed to: ‘Young Belgian Talent, Creating outstanding performances together, time after time’

I know I am not there yet and there’s still a long way to go, and who knows what my colleagues will think!?

Have a good week